Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letters to K (Husband's letters)

Dear K,

Today i fell asleep while eating a piece of pizza for lunch and woke up 45 minutes later confused and milking the greater part of a 2 hour lunch break, therefore the decision to migrate upstairs to bed at 7:30 tonight was a solid one; thanks for initiating such a genius use of free time.  G dog is slightly perplexed by our new schedule, but overall I think he finds it agreeable (the dog sleeps 20 hours a day it seems).  I guess it doesn't hurt that you've been fully committed over the last 2 weeks to having him sleep in our bedroom with us as many nights in a row as possible before I have to lay the smackdown of reality on him and send him to the crate once a week (tough life I know, but somebody's gotta discipline the wild dog).  Thank you also for being patient with my busy work/ultimate schedule and allowing me to get to do the things I love; except for work, which I don't love at all.  After a solid 5 minutes of reflection on the matter, I've decided it's time for us to head out on our 2nd honeymoon.  It's been 4 months, it only seems fair that we should get to head back to the tropics where we can surf, read, eat, drink, and play as our daily routine.  What a grind, too bad the vacation time well has dried up.  Who came up with the standard of 2 weeks vacation anyway, what a crock! But i digress; I love reading your blog so I think it's only fair that as you sit beside me reading your book in total relaxation that I provide you with some supplemental reading material (however incoherently ramblesome and dull it may be) for once since you so kindly do for me almost daily with this blogaroo.  Thanks for being the best wife and making me feel excited to come home from cool places like Seattle knowing that I've got being with you to look forward to. Here's to the next 4 months of married life including cooler temperatures, more random adventures/trips, a million more laughs, football games, cookouts, football games with cookouts (I believe it's pronounced "tailgating"), spending time with friends family and gnarly, more around the house projects, and all sorts of other tom foolery, but most importantly the strengthening of our amazing bond.  I love you.

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