Monday, August 1, 2011

Letters to T

Dear T,

Thanks for making my day better by taking care of dinner, sitting through the Bachelorette finale and fetching me a cookies and cream milkshake.  You're my favorite person, and I love you more today than ever.  Checking the website for new wedding pictures is my favorite thing these days, and looking through snapshots of those perfect moments makes me so happy.  What a lucky girl I am, and what an amazing day that was.  Remember that day I asked you if I was a color, what color would I be?  And you answered yellow.  I just thought of that today, and after looking through our photos from that day and listening to our ceremony music, I think you may have been subconciously helping with the wedding planning all along.  Just thought you deserved a little credit.  Now be a good Dad, and give your little boy a taste of that peach milkshake.


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