Monday, August 29, 2011

Loves of Late: Stream of Consciousness Edition

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and were able to stay out of Irene's way.  We're praying for those on the coast who were hit hard.  We only felt minor effects of the storm here in Raleigh.  In fact, the thunderstorm that just rolled through this evening did more damage than the hurricane did.  Exhibit A:  Our baby tree who apparently decided to throw in the towel tonight after all of this crazy weather.  Exhibit B:  My sweet husband who knew I was sad about said uprooted tree, attempting to re-plant it in the pouring rain.  Only time will tell if he was successful...but I love him dearly for his efforts tree or no tree.  So to start off Loves of Late, Husband...he's my favorite.

Last Minute Get Togethers  T's tournament in Maryland was cancelled due to Miss Irene, but the change in plans allowed us to spend time with some of our favorite people.  We kicked off the weekend with Mexican food and hurricanes along with three of our favorite people - Chris, Amy and Larry.

Saturday night we went to Crowley's with the Ross family and had a blast as usual.  We always sit in the TV room with the big couch and coffee table and have a good ol' family get together, always picking up right where we left off.  Charlie provides the comic relief, and with the new school year just starting, he already had some good stories for us.  I love this family so very much.

Sunday T headed to a make up tournament in Charlotte, so I got to spend some quality time with two of my favorites.  Coffee with Maggie and Cameron Bar and Grill with Gloria.  Overall it was a great weekend despite the change in plans.  I was so happy to have husband home unexpectedly and spend time with some of our favorite people.

New Things  I did it; I pulled the trigger and registered.  It's official.

And my Mama did too!  My iPod is loaded, and the training has commenced!  Which leads me to another love...

When the air cools and the wind starts up a bit, that's my absolute favorite time to run.  Plus the impending weather forces me to pick up the pace.  Thank goodness I made it back in time tonight since this storm brought 60 mph winds and hail.  It ended up being perfect timing allowing me to rewind from my day with husband at our new spot while the storm rolled in.

With lemon lime Gatorade and raindrops.

And then the bottom fell out.

Which brings me to my final Love...week nights with my sweetie.  Logging off on that note.  Happy Monday! 

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