Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You gotta know when to fold 'em

Let's just say this is what will be getting husband and I out of bed and through this week...

Normally when one of us is in a funk, the other brings balance with a productive, upbeat mood.  That's not the case today and may not be for the rest of the week, so we decided to fold 'em tonight and retire to bed at 8:30.  Call us an old married couple. 

Maybe we'll make it to 11:00 with the always promising Shark Week.  So far I've learned that sharks mistake surfers in wet suits for seals (great), so I plan to lather T up in Shark Repellent next time he decides to paddle out.  If there is such a thing.  I also want to take this time to say that if I hear the Lady Gaga, "Show Me Your Teeth", Shark Week theme song one more time, I may boycott the entire series.  Those of you who have been avid Shark Week or X Games watchers know exactly what I'm talking about.    

Anyways, when G-dog hears the TV turn off, he knows it's do or die.  He either high tails it upstairs to hopefully secure a cozy spot on the floor by husband's side of the bed or darts under the nearest desk or table to avoid this.  Tonight he chose to wait on the landing in this adorable stance...

Mom, can I sleep with you and Dad tonight???

How could I say no to that face?  So, tonight husband and I will attempt to cure our funk, spoil our puppy and stock up on Great White fun facts.


  1. Hahaha! Thanks, Debbie! That just made me laugh out loud! No, I do not want to propel sharks to my husband:)


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