Monday, September 26, 2011

Soup Season

Another plus to the "ber" months is soup for dinner!  Thanks to soup season, I'll be upping my homemade meals per week quota.  I learned a new thing about husband tonight, and that thing is... he makes a wicked grilled cheese sandwich.  He even agreed to take my specifications into account while making mine.  Minimal butter, only 1 slice of cheese, burnt and flat.  It was perfect and delicious, and I love him even more now.       

Then somehow I talked him into letting me watch PAN AM and half of Desperate Housewives upon which he realized we were getting into the second quarter of Monday night football, and my streak was over.  My favorite outfit from the first episode of PAN AM was this one worn by Bridget...

I tried to find a picture of the back of the dress because that was the cutest part, but no such luck.  While browsing the pictures, I found this outfit that Maggie Ryan must be wearing in an upcoming episode.  I LOVE it!

I'm so excited to see the rest of the series with all of its 60s eye candy!  And eat more of husband's grilled cheese sandwiches.  Happy Monday!

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