Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catching Up

We've made it to the end of the work week!  Can I get an, Amen?  And a Hallelujah?  I just wanted to drop in real quick tonight with a few updates to 1:  keep myself accountable, 2:  give husband the shout out he deserved on Monday, and 3: post some major outfits from this week's TV episodes.

So, for without further ado...

1 (8/28)43Y/ST33RESTY/ST13
2 (9/4)BEACH WALK4Y/ST34.5RESTY/ST11.5
3 (9/11)63Y/ST4RESTY3/Y/ST16
5 (9/25)83Y/STRESTREST3620
6 (10/2)103RESTRESTYREST2 (HIKE)15
7 (10/9)5KRESTY/ST36Y416
8 (10/16)94Y/ST54YY/ST22
9 (10/23)83Y/ST43YY/ST18
10 (10/30)63Y/ST32YY/ST14
Numbers = Miles
Y = Yoga
ST = Strength Training

I haven't stuck to the schedule exactly, but I think I've been pretty consistent with the training.  T's parents sent me these super, cushiony socks, and thanks to them I'll be able to step foot in a nail salon for a pedicure again.

Moving on.  So, I have to say that when T and I first started dating, and he said that he played ultimate frisbee, I kind thought, oh dear how am I going to tell my manly, baseball loving family that I've fallen in love with someone who plays frisbee?  I had no clue that husband was up to this...

It's pretty intense, and these boys are some seriously great athletes.  Not only do they compete internationally, they are kind of amazing and win pretty much every game they play.  Which leads me to husband's much deserved shout out... Last weekend they won the Regional Championship and are heading to Nationals at the end of October!  Which involves a trip to Sarasota, FL.  I'm tagging along and can't wait for the time away to watch husband do one of the things he loves.  I am excited to see the beach, but I must admit I'm hoping for a cold front.  My brain is holiday bound, and I'm fine with leaving the heat and humidity behind.  But let's face it, it's FL, so this might be wishful thinking.

Last but not least...

I featured this dress once already before the episode aired, but it's so adorable I just had to post another picture.  Maggie's dress on the left - love it!  And the gloves, purse and sweet.

I loved this dress and hairstyle below on Colette too...

It had an adorable pink belt around the waist that her arms are covering.  I wish I could pull the trigger and get straight across bangs.  Or fringe, or whatever they call it these days.

I also fell in love with one of Addison Montgomery's outfits from this week's Private Practice.

I love these vintage shirts that are back in style.  She paired it with this adorable green, Chanel purse below and a black, pencil skirt.

And I love the vintage dress Rachel Zoe wore for her magazine cover.  She's the cutest, and she may just have the cutest pony tail and baby bump I've ever seen.

PS I love this dress from her collection...

Ok, that's enough catching up for tonight.  And sorry for all the blurry pictures - too tired to find the good ones.  Have a wonderful weekend!  And go find a pumpkin patch to play in - T and I plan to!

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