Monday, October 17, 2011

I blew it.

Tonight while browsing Pinterest and receiving some semi-snarky comments from husband regarding the amount of time I've been spending on this particular website, I made a rash decision to introduce him to the virtual pinboard.  I did what any woman would do and directed my skeptical sweetie to the Sports section, and well...let's just say Pinterest didn't quite deliver the way I was hoping it would.

Unfortunately he's not in the market for a Cowboy clad Pomeranian.  Although the half-naked, Dallas cheerleader was a redeeming factor.  Oh well, you win some; you lose some.

We also kind of blew it on the Autumn decorations this weekend.  Instead of a pumpkin and mum covered porch, we only have the following to show for ourselves...

The beginnings of a mantle project,

seasonal beer,

and a decorative, orange box that makes 250+ calorie donuts seem alright.

Like I said, you win some; you lose some.  In this case it's not looking good for Pinterest's reputation, our holiday curb appeal and my love handles. 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

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