Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letters to T

Dear T,

Thanks for still loving me even when I'm in a funk.  You knew I needed "me time" tonight, so while I opened up the windows, rid myself of anything to do with the computer or cell phone and practiced yoga for an hour, you went to your happy place of cold beer, good music and I'm guessing some snowboarding videos and forums.  Thanks for recognizing the fact that sometimes the best way to say "I love you" is with a kiss and some space.  I'll miss you this weekend, but I'm guessing that with my trip to Boone and yours to Philadelphia, we'll be even more excited to celebrate all things Fall when we return. 

PS  Looks like our little boy takes after Mom when it comes to happy places...

Unfortunately, he's picked up some of my bad habits too.  Little Gnarly has taken quite the liking to candy corn as of late...
Love you to the moon sweet husband!

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