Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around here.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Our Christmas decorations are up, the house is clean, I've successfully stolen all of T's snowboarding socks for my own and we most likely have enough chex mix to last us until 2012. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was lovely, and we had a blast with all of our family.  Here's some pictures from the long weekend.  I'm experiencing a little daily-grind-reentry-depression (still), so the words will be few and far between.

My sweet little family.

My gorgeous Mama!

Part of my Mom's side of the family. 

My sweet Grandmother (also known as, Memama) and my Mom cooked us the most delicious Thanksgiving meal.  Both of these women are such an inspiration to me, in more ways than one.

T, myself, Memama and my sweet brother, Cal.

Another highlight of the weekend was our bowling night.  I won one game against husband, and I may or may not still be doing my victory dance. 

My other sweet brother, Dalton, and his girlfriend, Ashley.

My Dad smoked us all.  I mean what do you expect with that mean follow through?!

Please note husband's Irish jig like follow through.  Love you, babe.

And then the leagues cleared out (after informing us of our lack of bowling etiquette), the lights went down, the music amped up and I kicked T's booty.  And broke 100, mind you.  Maybe I'll polish up on my bowling manners and join a league myself.  I'm certain I could totally rock a wrist guard. 

We spent the second half of our long weekend in Concord, NC with T's parents and their cutie pie, Dave.

This photo of Dave reminds me of how I felt after eating another Thanksgiving feast.  Which was equally delicious as the first, might I add.     

This year, my brother Cal sold fraser firs from my Grandparents' Christmas tree farm.  He gets an A+ for effort.  Check out this killer advertisement he whipped up with a roll of tape.  He had a super successful weekend, and we ended up with a gorgeous tree out of the deal.

This year was SO MUCH BETTER than last year.  I would venture to say we're pros.  It helps when your tree is delivered to your door step, the trunk fits in the stand and you're able to avoid the use of butter knives and screw drivers in the process.

Yet, I'm still to cheap to buy a tree skirt.

I also managed to put together a Christmas mantle with things I already had in the house.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

P.S.  We got our Wedding Book!!!!!  I'm in love with it and get teary eyed every time I look through it.  What a perfect day that was.

Here's a peek at yours, Mama!

Signing off for the night - Happy Wednesday!

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