Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Sarasota We...

Husband and I flew back to Raleigh early Monday morning and headed straight to work, but the chilly weather and gorgeous, colorful leaves that greeted us back home sweetened the blow of leaving sunny Florida and returning to the daily grind.

Sarasota was a blast, and husband's ultimate frisbee team, Ring of Fire, finished 5th!  Here's a little recap.

On Day 1 we...

Scooted around Siesta Key in a little, red convertible with two of T's good friends.  The ride from the airport with three of his friends in said two-door convertible was far less glamorous.  Especially considering it was early, chilly, windy, two of the boys had to hold their suitcases in their lap, and the top down was necessary since T was forced to sit on the console.  His tail bone may or may not still be numb from that 40 mile drive. 

Had brunch beside Dick Vitale at The Broken Egg

Taylor was too chicken to ask for a picture, so we did the mature thing and improvised.

And relaxed on the beach.

On day 2 ...

The tournament began bright and early with pool play. 

Which meant us girls planted ourselves on the sidelines for a day of sunshine and watching our cute boys kick some booty.  We were camped out on the fields from 8 to 6, and I loved every minute. 

It's seriously my new favorite sport to watch, and the boys on Ring are AMAZING.  I honestly didn't really get the whole ultimate frisbee thing before this tournament, but I can now say that I totally understand why husband loves it so much.  The competition and the awesome guys on his team are so worth the time and money.  I fell in love with Ring and watching husband and the guys play.  The fact that all the wives, kids, parents and girlfriends of the players are delightful was a plus too.

I meant it when I say we camped.

The day was gorgeous, and the tournament was HUGE.  There was a men's, women's, coed and master's division and they took up all of the polo complex.  It was awesome.

Our cutie pies are in the white and orange.

The boys won the pool which meant they were going into day two of the tournament with a good spot in power pools.

Husband is a mess after these games.  Exhausted, sweaty and all beat up.  But still handsome of course.

On day 3...

It was cold and rainy, so I didn't take any pictures, but Ring won both their games against Goat from Toronto and Machine from Chicago sending them to quarter finals on day 4. 

Here's some pictures and commentary T found for me from the quarter finals against Chain from Atlanta.

"The most intriguing quarterfinal matchup pit Atlanta’s Chain Lightning against Raleigh’s Ring of Fire.  Ring’s offense experienced more difficulty than Chain’s early on, with the moist conditions contributing to drops and blady hucks.  Chain’s Greg Swanson and Dylan Tunnell were more comfortable hucking in the rain, and after Jolian Dahl chased down a huck between two Ring defenders, Chain earned its third break of the first half to go up 8-6.  Thomas Ward and Ken Porter put forth inspired athletic performances to keep Ring alive."  From this article.

Here's husband catching a goal.

Getting a D, but also a hurt knee and elbow.

And playing the rest of the game in pain.  Cute face babe.

"I didn’t give Ring much respect heading into the weekend, but they were a very solid team that mostly took care of business in the mess that was Pool C.   Pope’s D-line wasn’t as close on the under cuts as Roy Matthews’ was, but their big play ability on the turn was exciting.  KP and T-Ward didn’t disappoint, either (at least from what I saw in the quarterfinals)!"  From this article.

Can you tell I'm proud of husband?  Unfortunately they lost in quarter finals, but it was a great game.  So then they had to play for 5th, and they won both of their last games against Madison Club from Wisconsin and South Paw from Philadelphia.  They finished strong and qualified for a tournament in Colorado for July 4th which I'm excited about. 

We have some pretty darn cute little fans.

And sadly this is the only picture I got of T and I.

On Day 5 we headed back to Tampa with friends, enjoyed some football at a couple local sports bars, and spent the night strolling around Hyde Park Village.  The trip was lovely, and I loved getting to spend time with T's friends who I can now call my own and watch husband do something he loves.  The boy is talented.  Thank goodness for our future children.  Because Lord knows they're not getting an ounce of athleticism from their Mama.

Lot's of other things to catch up on - I'll be back tomorrow!

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