Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Favorites

You know what one of my favorite things about the holidays is?  Family time!  We've had family in and out for the past five days, and I've loved every minute.  Here's a few pictures from our weekend with Cal and Morgan. 

Note to self:  purchase a rolling pin.  Note to you readers:  when without rolling pin, improvise with wax paper and a grill spatula.  Thank goodness we had resourceful college kids helping us.

Cal's Christmas tree display was his attempt at offsetting our lack of talent for cookie decorating.  I'd say he was successful.

We had the best weekend with these two!  We enjoyed Mexican food and each other's company Friday night.  Slept in, cooked a big brunch, went Christmas shopping, watched basketball, ordered in pizza, made cookies, played Spades and stayed up way past our bedtime Saturday.  And enjoyed some delicious coffee and said our goodbyes until Christmas on Sunday.  I can't wait for them to come stay with us again!

Are you all as busy as we are this week???  Thomas and I finished up our Christmas shopping tonight and then recovered with some Noodles and Company.  I didn't know if husband was going to survive, but the noodles seemed to cheer him up.

OK, maybe cheer was the wrong word.

We are still enjoying our first Christmas amidst our busy schedules.  Tomorrow we'll have our first gift wrapping party, and Thursday we'll open presents just the two of us before we head out on our Christmas road show Friday afternoon.

  I'll leave you with another one of my favorite things about the holidays...

Christmas cards!  They are my FAVORITE! 

Oh, and wrapping gifts!  I prefer wrapping to shopping even!

Happy Holidays!!!

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