Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Headboard!

Husband and I decided to take on a little, DIY project this weekend.  We've been browsing furniture stores ever since we purchased our king bed, but haven't wanted to spend the thousands of dollars for a bedroom suite.  Lucky for us, I stumbled across this tutorial for a rustic headboard on one of my favorite blogs, Today's Letters.  Here is our finished product! 

We pretty much followed the tutorial exactly - with the exception of using a different color, Jacobean, and adjusted measurements to fit our king bed.  We also added one coat of polyurethane once the stain had dried to seal everything in and protect our bedding.  We opted out on the built in lights since I had already bought these lamps for our soon to be purchased nightstands.

Here are the king bed measurements if you're interested.  For the frame, 3:  1" X 6" X 8' whitewood boards cut down to 1" X 6" X 84"  For the headboard, 14:  (We left a space at the bottom since we have an outlet and cable port.  If you don't want a space, use 15.) 1" X 6" X 8' whitewood boards cut down to 1" X 6" X 81".  The Loerke's tutorial is perfect, so I won't list our steps, but here are some pictures from the process.


staining the edges in the garage; we pride ourselves on a classy work area:)

Thomas calls our dog, Gnarls, Jacobean now - see the resemblance?

Husband says our only mistake was not having In-N-Out burger in North Carolina - guess that will have to wait until February when we head to California! 


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