Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What we've been up to

Husband has been spending long hours in the garage sprucing up an old, yet new to us, piece of furniture for our bedroom.  Here's the beauty after he finished stripping it.

He's downstairs right now staining it in Jacobean to match our new headboard.   

I've been working hard to keep us on the wagon with our healthy eating resolution with some recent help from my brother, Cal, who is the master.  He sent me an awesome diet plan that I've started to incorporate, and we're both feeling better already.  Plus home cooked meals are finally starting to feel like a part of the routine rather than an inconvenience. 

Husband and I are jet setting to Santa Barbara, CA next Wednesday, and we cannot wait!  We're meeting up with his parents who will just have finished up their big wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii, and we're all going to spend a few days visiting my sister-in-law and her awesome, boyfriend, Scott.  We'll be leaving Gnarly with my Mama, otherwise known as GiGi as of late, and I can't tell who is more excited, our puppy or my Mom! 


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