Sunday, April 22, 2012


First off, I'm convinced that the Outer Banks is tied for first (with Boone, of course) as home of the nicest locals and best customer service in North Carolina.  From the sweet, Southern lady at the front desk of the Travelodge to the charming waitress at the New York Pizza Pub where we indulged in spaghetti before my race, the place is just dripping with kindness and enthusiasm.

Husband is convinced it's because they're happier due to their close proximity to the best nature has to offer - I'd have to agree.  I love it, and can't wait to come back in July! 

Yesterday we enjoyed a warm, sunny day on the beach.  In an effort to avoid going in for a break, we munched on Cheez-its and Cliff bars and just enjoyed being at one of our favorite places that we've missed so much.  We had perfect weather - mid 70s, not a cloud in the sky.  It was worth every bit of the sunburn we have to show for it.

I love getting dressed up for dinners out with husband in new cities.

Today was a different story.  The weather didn't even cross my mind as I'd checked the forecast the day before which was calling for thunderstorms which I assumed would be accompanied with the afternoon nap I was planning on indulging in post race.  After I geared up, I glanced out the window where it was pouring the rain.  After whipping out my iPhone, it was confirmed - 100% chance of rain...all. day. long.

Wright Brothers National Memorial.

But I decided to make lemonade out of my lemons and accept the challenge.  On a side note, I absolutely hate being wet - not a fan of swimming in the ocean, lake, pool, what have you.  I would opt for dry showers if there was such a thing.  It was an absolute monsoon for every mile of the race, but once I'd come to terms with the fact that it wasn't stopping, it really wasn't so bad.

My sweet husband took these pictures all along my route, and saved the day with a sneaky parking spot in a neighborhood right by the finish line.  After crossing, I made a bee-line for water, a banana, my husband and a dry car!  I checked a goal off my list - beat my time from my last half marathon!  Maybe the rain was just what I needed to get my booty in gear.

Mile 11.

The little girl in this picture makes me laugh, my feelings exactly.

Heading down to the finish.

Needless to say, I was happy to trade in this...

for this.

The rain still hasn't let up, so husband and I have been holed up in our hotel room bouncing back and forth between Ax Men and Dance Moms.  We just finished a white pizza and some cold beer and are looking forward to a lazy night in.

Hopefully some good surf is in order for T tomorrow.  It's all we need to top off this perfect weekend.


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