Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mind, body & soul

Personally, I require three things to keep me at my best self.  Quiet time with God, good food choices and exercise.  Like everything else in life, balance is the key and yet the hardest to master.  Oftentimes I'm devoting time to one area while I've dropped the ball in others.  As I get older I'm learning to nurture the areas that are absolutely essential to my well being, and tonight with the house to myself I tried to take back some balance that everyday life has stolen recently.

Beth Moore's Bible study, Breaking Free, that I'd been participating in this winter wrapped up back in March.  I still hadn't finished the last 4 days of homework, so I opened up the book that was piled under magazines and bills in our office tonight to finish up.  And wouldn't you know the first paragraph spoke directly to me.  "God knows our suffering from the first pang, but He wants to hear us cry out specifically for His help.  God never misses a groan or cry of His children".  Thomas and I are in the midst of making some life decisions, and I've completely neglected to look to God for help.  In theory I've noted the importance of prayer during this time, but in application I've fallen short.  It was a perfect reminder of the relationship that our Father longs for.  He knows our every thought, but he yearns for our cries and connection.

On the good food choices front, I have found a wonderful blog to help Thomas and I continue to make progress on our real food journey.  It's called 100 days of real food and it's really informative and practical, plus the blogger is a Mom in Charlotte, NC!  One thing I learned this week was to never buy the pre-shredded cheese.  It has an anti sticking agent that you don't want going into your body.  I bought the blocks of cheese this week, and boy was she right - real cheese is sticky!  Our goal is to get as close as possible to real, locally grown and raised foods and as far away from the processed junk to where it becomes habit rather than an inconvenience.  We want our future kids to start life with good food habits that don't include Doritos and Easy Mac.

As far as exercise goes, I have another site to recommend.  The Tone It Up Girls have launched a new Spring Into Bikini Season workout plan, and it's really good this year.  If you subscribe they send you workout videos, and you don't have to go to the weight room!  It's all exercises you can do with a mat and a couple 5 pound dumbbells at home.

Have a great rest of your week!!!    

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